As demand for energy consumption continues to increase across the globe, maintaining current power plants and developing new efficient, clean energy sources and power generation facilities has become a growing priority and concern for many communities and governments.
Element has been providing materials and components testing services to the power generation industry for decades and have a thorough understanding of the materials, components, operating environments and failure mechanisms that are normally associated with the equipment used across the power generation sector. We truly understand the unique requirements of the power generation sector from electrical power, nuclear power, gas power, hydro electric power, wind power, solar energy and more.
Element provides testing and evaluation services to all members of the power generation supply chain, including power generation companies; materials, components and systems manufacturers and plays an important role in inspecting materials that go into both new sites; analyzing parts that need repairing or that fail in service.
The range of services we provide to the Power Generation sector include:
  • Full characterization of material properties for use by product designers
  • Component specification testing
  • Turbine component failure analysis
  • Foreign material identification
  • Casting and coating evaluations
  • Testing per ASTM or OEM specifications
  • First-piece or pilot qualification testing
  • Electrical testing
  • Weld and braze evaluations/operator certification
  • Failure analysis of in-service components
  • Reverse engineering for obsolete parts.

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