Element is one of the world鈥檚 leading independent providers of testing, inspection and certification services.聽 We provide services to a diverse range of industries, where failure in service is not an option.聽 We help to make certain that the materials and products we test, inspect and certify for customers are safe, quality, compliant and fit for purpose.

Our mission is to be the best testing partner in the world.聽 Our vision is to become the world鈥檚 most trusted testing partner.聽 Our four brand values drive our everyday behavior. We:

  • Keep our colleagues and visitors safe;

  • Act honestly and fairly to do the right thing;

  • Set new standards of excellence in everything we do; and

  • Work together in partnership for the benefit of our customers.

Integrity, Ethics and Governance

As one of our core values, integrity is reflected in the company鈥檚 culture of ethical behavior.聽 We conduct business activities in a large number of jurisdictions across the world and operate in a wide range of legal and business environments.聽 Our commitment to integrity ensures that consistently high standards are maintained.

Element is committed to conducting business in an ethical manner. With customers in diverse markets worldwide, it is essential that we conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity and adhere to international laws and regulations.聽 聽We are an equal opportunities employer and promote a working environment free from any form of discrimination, bias or harassment, no matter where in the world we are located.

Element has in place the necessary governance and organizational structures to provide appropriate levels of oversight in audits, risk management and potential conflicts of interest.聽 This is supported by a Group Internal Audit Director who heads a dedicated internal audit function which has significantly enhanced the review and governance of our operations.聽 We have established policies that underpin our values and reflect our commitment to conducting business with honesty and integrity wherever we operate.聽 These policies range from anti-bribery and corruption to trade compliance and whistleblowing.聽 Policies are widely communicated to all colleagues and reinforced through targeted programs and training, as required, to ensure they are understood and adopted.

Modern Slavery and Supply Chain

Element is committed to ensuring that our people are treated in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Global Compact鈥檚 ten principles. We seek to prohibit forced, compulsory and underage labor and any form of discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age, disability, the right to collective bargaining or political affiliation.聽 Our Modern Slavery Policy [hyperlinked] states that Element has a zero tolerance approach to Modern Slavery and that the following principles apply to our business and supply chain:

  • child labor must not be used;
  • any form of forced or compulsory labor must not be used;
  • passports, visas and other personal documentation should not be taken from employees unless requested to be held by the employee for safekeeping purposes;
  • all forms of debt bondage are prohibited;
  • compensation and benefits must comply with local laws relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and other benefits; and
  • the formation of trade unions and powers of collective bargaining should be respected.聽

As required by the Modern Slavery Act 2015, Element publishes a Modern Slavery transparency statement聽which sets out our approach to preventing Modern Slavery within Element's business and supply chain.

Element is committed to conducting business to the highest possible ethical and business standards. We have therefore adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct聽setting out the behavior and principles that we expect our suppliers to follow. Suppliers of goods and services, contractors, joint venture partners, consultants, advisers and all other third parties engaged by Element are expected to adhere to the principles set out in this Supplier Code of Conduct and are encouraged to develop their own codes, policies and procedures to adhere to the principles of this Supplier Code of Conduct.


Confidential Whistleblower Service

We provide a confidential whistleblower service, which is managed by a specialist third party provider, across our global business, giving all colleagues and third parties the opportunity to raise concerns. The service encompasses a telephone hotline, email and web-based reporting facility and is available in relevant languages in all countries in which Element has a presence.聽聽 This service may be used to report incidents of wrongdoing including fraud, bribery & corruption, discrimination, bullying or harassment, supplier labor practices, modern slavery, tax evasion, breach of competition laws, health, safety and quality matters and environmental concerns. Any whistleblowing reports are reviewed and investigated appropriately.

To contact the Group Legal team at Element in relation to any governance or integrity 聽matter, please contact

Alternatively, to contact the confidential Element Whistleblowing Hotline provided by Safecall, please click here.